Our Ethos

 SALT & CLAY evolved from the idea of creating everyday beauty essentials that are not only luxurious and beautiful but natural, nourishing and kind to skin. Our aim is for our products to not only make a truly positive difference in their use, but also in their environmental impact.

Natural skincare is one of the fastest growing beauty markets. We’ve noticed a huge shift in people becoming more selective about what they are choosing to put on their skin, as well as really taking the time, and taking an interest in reading up on product ingredients.

Our ingredients are at the core of everything we make and are extremely important.

We are passionate about the incredibly effective, botanical properties of plant based oils and butters, and have found that customers are hugely receptive, want to learn, and are keen to move away from synthetic nasties which offer them very limited benefits for their skin and health. Using only the highest quality natural ingredients, we believe in oil-based formulations which enable us to fully harness

the nourishing, active properties of plants. Every ingredient we use has been carefully researched and selected for its
effective ability to rejuvenate, repair and nurture skin.
We strive to ensure that all our products are made from the purest of ingredients, organic where possible and never include parabens, perfumes, or harsh chemicals. We use only plant-based ingredients, so every product is vegan friendly and cruelty free. Our packaging only uses recycled and recyclable materials.